Korvosan Holdings

Session One

Not So Meager Beginnings

Finding a strange Harrow Card amidst his personal belongings, Nolan Jeggare, the adventuring, philanthropic, Abadarian cleric of the Great House of Jeggare, decided to bring the anomaly to his friends’ attention. He called a meeting at his luxuriant estate. At the meeting were Cade Highhill, the halfling ranger, Davor Sancar, a half-orc inquisitor, Ghannima Legosi, the Varisian bard, and Giles Ravenwood, the human wizard. Nolan presented each with the distinctive message requesting their presence at 3rd Lancet Street, the home of a Varisian fortune teller, at sunset.

The party meet at the appointed place at the appointed time, finding a small but well-kept storefront. It apparently was a small shop for a Harrow reader name Zellara as the sign hanging over the door noted “Zellara, whom may bear your fortunes to the air”. After a few minutes of trying to notify the occupants through knocking and loud declarations, the party strode in to investigate. They came into a room that was bereft of all but a table, six chairs, and a Harrow deck stacked neatly upon the table. Shortly after their entrance a beautiful, middle-aged, native Varisian woman came through the door in the back, introduced herself as the proprietor of the shop and the origin of the noted and wished her guests to be seated. She told them of terrible news, the loss of her son to the terrible and notorious Gaedren Lamm. She implored for their aid in bringing the man to justice, noting the honor of the Jeggare family, especially that of Nolan’s reputation as a guardian of Korvosa and the Ravenwood’s care for justice.

The heroes deliberated, and agreed.

Storming Gaedren’s hideout, located in an abandoned fishery which the old wretch had devoted to processing a cheap slurry, the heroes confronted, and cut down the terrified fishery staff, leaving the children who served in the plant as unpaid labor to flee the building into the surrounding slums.

Finding a secret doorway in the rotting fishing boat after falling through the deck, the heroes ventured deeper into the bowels of the fishery, finding a hidden room built below the site which Gaedren used as a bolthole. Even in his aged state and realizing that he was completely outmatched, the cruel old man was defiant to the last, refusing to back down and taunting those whose lives he had ruined over his years as a crime lord.

Despite putting up a wretched, cowardly struggle, which included him jumping into the waters of the Jeggare River, his last insult to justice his flapping his aged genitalia to the honorable men bringing his reign of abuse, murder, and neglect to an end, he was finally beaten, being perforated by several arrows as he swam to escape to a row boat. His corpse floated momentarily and then was snapped up by his own pet, Gobbleguts, and presumably dragged to the bottom of the river, completing his death and burial in one action.

Digging through the debris that Lamm had accumulated over the years, the heroes were terribly shaken to come across Zellara’s crudely preserved head stowed amongst Lamm’s personal effects. Along with it were Zellara’s Harrow deck. The party continued to scour the fishery for any signs of the children, in hopes of helping them find their parents or escorting them to an orphanage for safe keeping.



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