Korvosan Holdings

Session Two

A Year in Dying

The party finished searching the fishery and decided to search more for the children outside. Nolan and Cade both spotted a few children hiding in the shadows between two old warehouses, retreating slowly and slinking away from the fishery. Nolan called to the children. Only one, about nine years old, stopped but resolved to come back to Nolan for some questions about their condition. The child noted that there were about ten children altogether that were working for Lamm and that they were all orphans. Knowing personally that Korvosa has adequate housing and programs for orphans, the scion asked further about the reasons as to why the child ran from the orphanage to serve a miscreant such as Lamm. The child stated that he didn’t want to be a guard when he grew up and would rather live on his own if that were the result of his upbringing. Nolan and the rest of the party took the child to a reputable inn and bought room and board for ten, putting the child up for a few nights. “Be sure to find as many of those orphans as you can and have them come here. I plan on correcting the problem of recruitment and will make sure that you have better opportunities that becoming a guard.” With that, the party returned to the Jeggare sub-estate and divided the booty.

When they arrived at the estate, the party got some very interesting news through a letter to Cade Underhill and was visited by an old business partner to the family. Cade found out that his great uncle had died and that his estate needed to be settled. For this, one of the next of kin needed to receive the statement of his will and execute his wishes. Seeing as no other next of kin would be able to do this, Cade was contacted by his older sister to go to Swallowfeld on the Lonely Coast and do what needed to be done. Jeggare’s business partner, Kallyn, had an amazing business opportunity for Nolan and his party, if they were interested. Thileu bark is an expensive and in demand commodity that sees use all over Avistan and even beyond. Kallyn believes that one of his expeditionary explorers has come across a vast copse of trees that may contain upwards of five tons of the spicy bark. The copse is found due north of Oakhurst a little over twenty miles on the eastern end of the Mushfens. The party agrees and, the next day begin to pull together the necessary resources to embark on a journey to the Lonely Coast, only four days sailing in good conditions to the west. Nolan learns that his brother, Mercivale, was looking for him earlier that night.

Cade Underhill and the wizard Giles Ravenwood go to sell the booty plundered from Lamm and secure a boat and crew for the undertaking to the Lonely Coast. Nolan, with some appraisal information from his old friend Kallyn takes the queen her brooch but is turned away with an appointment for the morrow, seeing as it is Oathday and she is busy in attending her “civic duties”. Ghannima Legosi, the company’s bard, goes to a familiar orphanage to investigate its condition and see if any aid can be given to help the children find better employ than be guardsmen and dishwashers, finding that there is a dearth in educational program money since the queen deemed to cut “excessive spending” on those already receiving “an outstretched hand of mercy and care”. This, on top of other cuts the queen reputedly advised to Eodred II to make in civic spending, made her a highly unpopular, if not hated, monarch. Noting this, Ghannima informed the assistant headmaster that she would inform her employer, Nolan Jeggare and see if anything could be done by the Great House.

The party returned to the sub-estate and conferred their progress thus far. Given the likelihood that the party would be leaving Korvosa for a few weeks, getting the orphans settled in would be paramount. So, the party, sans Giles headed out to the inn and then the orphanage. The processional to the orphanage was uneventful. Nolan inquired about the reasons for so few jobs-development programs for the orphans, and, when he found out that funding had been cut several weeks ago, gave a little over sixty gold to restart it for the next six months. The orphans and staff were very thankful and offered the party to stay for supper, which they did.

After departing ways from the orphanage, the city bells started ringing and shortly thereafter the sky starting alighting with columns of smoke from burning buildings. The party decided to traverse the Jeggare River instead of going across Highbridge back to Midland. They came across a serviceable skiff and took off. When they landed on the other side they saw all manner of problems in the streets of the city: rioting crowds, burning buildings, falling Sable Marines and their mounts, and a host of Hellknights marching the veins of the city. The party made its way successfully out of danger by sticking close to the water but was beset by a group of Hellknights that had just recently splain a main from apple to anus with one stroke. He told them to “go home immediately and stay out of danger…or die.” The party did so but came across someone who was very much in danger, a Korvosan Guard Sergeant who was being fileted by sadists. The party easily rescued him and dispersed the crowd. This wasn’t the only thing they came across, next was a rape gang who had two women in their grasp. Once again, the party came to the rescue, while vanquishing all but one of the violators. The party was able to make it back to the Jeggare sub-estate and rest up.

The next day many of the party went out and decided to go about their regular business. The party decided to go with Nolan and seek out the Queen to return her brooch. Upon their travels to the Palace they came across what looked like a group of mercenaries accosting a man. They easily wiped out the threats, killing two, however, the man they saved they never got to meet.

The party made it into the presence of the queen. She presented them with a hefty award of around 1500 gp and asked that they go to the Korvosan Guard and see if they could lend any help to them in this time of need. The party did so and met with Field Commander Cressida Kroft who laid upon them commendations for their work in the last few days: defeating a crime lord, Gaedren Lamm; saving a Korvosan Guard Sergeant, Grau Soldado; and saving at least three other citizens from grisly fortunes. While this was quite uplifting, the Field Commander also had need of their services. Many of the guard had started to disobey orders or totally defect. She wanted the party to investigate one of these men, Verik Vencaskerkin. The party agreed and left with the name of the butchery he was fronting, All the World’s Meat.


What was my partners name?

Session Two

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